Friday, November 13, 2009

Alaska Glacier Pilot solves mystery

All of you faithful blog readers know of the recent home invasion suffered by our patriarch pilot Bill Post. The site of the forced entry was a mystery until this morning - an upstairs window with a beach ball sized opening. Being a true blue Alaskan, Bill enjoys fresh air but finds the timing a bit off as the temperatures have migrated below zero...
The perpetrator of this act was given a full pardon and released back into the wild but any similar acts will be dealt with harshly. Specifically, such felons will forthwith be eaten alive. Punishment will be administered by "Sky", the newest member of the TAT Team. Sky, a home protection specialist, now resides with Bill after being selected for the release program by the Anchorage Pound. Sky is large, has a ravenous appetite and welcomes all two and four legged miscreants to visit at their earliest convenience.


Alaska Dreamer said...

Good for you Bill! It will be nice to have Sky for company AND home protection!
Mary Ellen

123 123 said...
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Anonymous said...

OK - I am going to try this again but really it shouldn't be this difficult to "post" a note to an old friend. I think a Pentagon strategy meeting is easier. Anyway - Hello from a major blast from your past coming to you from 144 Winch Road Lakewood NY. Yes, it's your long-lost penpal Karin Martenson. So how are you?? We were talking about you earlier and were wondering where/how/what you are up to and alas, here you are. So what are you up to when you're not entertaining strange birds that crash through your windows? I hope you are still searching for the meaning of life - I know I am.
Email me at
XO - Karin

Anonymous said...

Bill- Great to see that you have a right-seat companion again. Did Sky come with a Pinch-Hitter course already, or do you have to check him out?

Happy New Year,

Simon and Jenna