Sunday, August 02, 2009

Park Service is Considering Raising the Climbing Fee to $500

A couple days ago Talkeetna Air Taxi signed a letter- along with several other flight services and mountain guiding companies- asking Lisa Murkowski and other Alaskan legislators to fully fund the National Park Service budget next year. This letter was composed in response to a comment made by the Park Service Superintendent in May 2009. Park Service Superintendent Paul Anderson stated that Park Service was considering raising the climbing fee for Mt.McKinley and Foraker to $500 in order to cover budget shortfalls.

We strongly oppose this proposal, and encourage others who also oppose it to make their voices heard. You can contact Superintendent Paul Anderson by his address:
PO Box 9
Denali National Park, AK 99755
Or by phone at this number by asking for the “Superintendent”: (907) 683-2294

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T.B. said...

I sent my concerns to the park service and encourage everyone to so the same! Thank you for the post!